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M&A: Russian Government's M&A activity reached record high in 2019

In 2019, the Russian companies in which the Government of Russia is the controlling shareholder completed 51 business acquisitions worth $12.95 billion. The total amount of state-owned enterprises' M&A transactions decreased by 22.8% against the 2018 level due to the record number of large banks undergoing a turnaround in 2018. The number of transactions involving the Government reached an all-time high (12.1% of the total number), but the government's contribution to the total M&A market volume decreased to less than a quarter (23.2%), according to AK&M Information Agency's Mergers & Acquisitions Market bulletin.

The largest acquisition made by a state-owned company was the consolidation by Rostelecom of a 100% stake in T2 RTK Holding (Tele2), estimated at $2.04 billion.

The average amount of M&A transactions involving state-owned companies in 2019 decreased 1.7 times to $253.8 million, although it is still extremely high being twice above what privately-owned companies usually spend on assets due to financial pressure.

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