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AK&M Information Agency is a leading independent provider of Russian real time political, economic, financial and stock market news and comprehensive information on Russian Capital Markets.

AK&M company was founded in December 1990 and at first was specialized mainly in rendering consulting services in developing business-plans, feasibility studies and issue prospectuses. In 1992 AK&M targeted its efforts on collecting data and rendering information services on Russian securities and financial markets. For 2 years AK&M was the only source of information on Russian stock market and later became the leading Russian stock market data provider. The company efforts to ensure information transparency and disclosure, without doubt, considerably affected the development of civilized securities market in Russia.

In summer 1993 the specialists of the company developed the Database AK&M - List “Russian Stock Market”, which immediately became an essential tool for all participants of the securities market. Now the 5th version of AK&M - List data base, unique in data coverage, extensiveness of history (since 1993) and data quality, features in user friendly way information on:

  • more than 3500 Russian public companies - detailed information, history of corporate actions and dividends, production figures and balance sheets, shareholders' meetings results and annual reports
  • over 800 professional stock market participants – banks, investment companies and broker / dealers
  • OTC market - more than 12000 quotations daily
  • exchange market - information from more than 10 trading floors
  • state and municipal bond trading
  • daily market turnover
  • Russian and world stock indices, exchange rates, bank rates
  • Promissory Notes market - quotations from more than 300 operators
  • stock market news - reports from AK&M own correspondents, as well as digests from more than 20 Moscow and 80 regional publications

In September 1993, AK&M started calculation of three stock indices – AK&M composite, industrial and bank indices, which became to use widely Russian stock market benchmarks.

In 1994, nine industrial sectors indices were added to AK&M family of stock indices, followed by AK&M –2 (second tier stocks) index in October 1997 and AK&M ADR index in November 1997 featuring Russian companies ADRs prices performance at international markets.

Since December 1994, AK&M has been taking quarterly polls of stock market specialists in order to make an accurate rating of Russian public companies, as well as of registrars (register-holders and depositories) and broker / dealer companies. AK&M rating publishes quarterly and enables to better evaluate market opportunities and to find reliable partners.

In November 1996 the Promissory Notes market rating methodology was developed and implemented in quarterly promissory notes market participants ratings.

In 1994 AK&M analytical center was set up and a weekly edition of the bulletin Stock market of Russian Privatized Companies was launched. Detailed information and analytical research on stock market performance and the current economic state of five sectors of the Russian economy includes overall economic review of the sectors, analysis of the leading companies, digest of industry news, grouped by the company, analysis and predictions for the stock market of the sector. “Russian Economy Sectors: Production, Finances, Securities” greatly improved and enhanced bulletin succeeded the former one in September 1998.

«Who is Who at Russian Stock Market» is an annual directory that was published in 1995 for the first time contains hard copy comprehensive data on Russian stock market participants – public companies, investment companies, exchanges, state and public organizations and other entities as well as the data on more than 4000 specialists working in this sphere.

In May 1996 AK&M begun the publication of the Bulletin “Mergers and Acquisitions Market” bulletin publishing was launched. The bulletin contains announcements on proposals for sale of large and controlling stakes in various companies and detailed information on the companies to be sold - authorized capital, requisites, financial position, stock issues, current situation.

 In the beginning of 1995 AK&M started collecting corporate news on the Russian companies listed in AK&M - List Database. AK&M creates its own correspondents network and concentrates on developing comprehensive timely newswire on the Russian financial markets, economy and politics.

At present AK&M News On-line news service features in real time more than 200 news reports a day covering:

  • political news;
  • macro economic news;
  • official and regulatory news;
  • Russian financial and stock market news;
  • corporate news and company reports;
  • news from investment companies;
  • OTC and exchange markets monitor;
  • up-to-the-minute interviews with Russian and Western specialists;
  • news on Russian ADRs/GDRs;
  • changes in legislation;
  • summaries from Moscow and regional press;
  • Russian and world stock indices.

As a result of the long and successful work in information business, AK&M is a well-known, influential Information Agency, a leading provider of real time key political, economic and financial news and Russian securities market data. AK&M information and analytical services are used by more than 2000 customers among which are the Russian President’s Administration, State Duma, RF Ministry of Finance, Russian Central Bank, Russian Federal Property Fund, Ministry of economy, Ministry of Fuel and Power, Ministry of State Property, Federal Commission for the Securities Market, central and regional mass media, Russian and foreign information agencies, all large Russian industrial and investment companies, broker / dealer companies, banks, industrial enterprises. We help our customers be always informed of all key events in politics and economy.




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